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The cultural centre

 Agia Marina offers a “multifunctional and brilliant” construction, thanks to the initiative taken by the expartiates’ association. Aim of this construction is the development of the “cultural activities” of the village and the surrounding area. This centre consists of a library, kindergarten, community offices and a hall, which is capable of hosting theatrical performances and can guest up to six hundred viewers.

Theatrical Groups

Theatrical activity has been developed in Agia Marina since the beginning of the 20th century, when the students of the primary school showed excessive interest in theatrical performances and staged a theatrical performance annually.

After the Second World War, in 1945, the men returned from the battlefield and decided to establish a theatrical group. There were no women in this group and men played both male and female parts.

In 1950, this theatrical activity went into recession, mainly due to rural depopulation. However, it was revived a few years later with the help pf the two unions of the village, Dighenis and Nea Genea.

There are two existing theatrical groups in Agia Marina, which are parts of the abovementioned unions. The theatrical groups consist of twenty-five amateur actors in sum. 

It is notable that the theatrical group “Dighenis”, won the first prize in the Pancyprian Competition of Amateur Theatre organised by the Cyprus Theatrical Organisation in 1994.Contribution of the sport clubs to culture

The two sport clubs of Agia Marina, Dighenis and Nea Genea have contributed to the development of the theatrical and dancing activity, as they helped create dancing groups, which number up to a hundred members.

The two dancing groups, namely Dighenis and Nea Genea promote traditional Greek and Cypriot dances, with the help of professionals, throughout the year.

Concluding, the Expatriates’ Association takes on the organisation of common performances the local dancing groups.

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