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At the roots of Mount Troodos emerges a small village of unique beauty, Agia Marina Xyliatou. The boundaries of the village were limited up to the beginning of the 20th century within a valley. Nowadays, most of the surrounding hills are included, such as “Moni tou Tholou” (Μονή του Θόλου), “Staurou” (Σταυρού) and “Mazeris” (Μαζερής). What is impressive, and hence worth mentioning, is that the initial ‘birthplace’ of the village still maintains its original character. Let us wander through the narrow streets of the village so as to meet both its traditional and its modern side.

Follow the direction towards our beautiful village Welcome to our community

The first crossroad you meet when you enter our community Renovated mansion and houses of traditional architecture made of stone and adobe

Agia Marina offers a primary school, an old church of Saint Marina, narrow and tortuous roads, small time-honoured houses, traditional coffee shops, unions and small shops. What is striking is the way in which the old houses were built. The basis, the fundaments of the houses, which were not higher than a meter, was built with stone, whilst the rest of the house was built with adobe. Only a small number of houses were built exclusively with stone. What is more, flat roofs in most houses were made of dirt and “konnos”, a waterproof material, which was placed on their highest point. 

Building of the National Society “Digenis” in Agia Marina Xyliatou

District Primary School of Agia Marina Xyliatou

Community Surgery

Building of “Velos” Rifle Club

Additionally, there are two squares in the centre of Agia Marina, namely in the “old Agia Marina”. One of them is situated right next to the entrance of the old church while the second one on the east side of the church. The latter is only a hundred metres away from the previous square, and it is known as “Nefka”.  

The square right next to the primary school was considered private property up to 1970. It is now used as the school’s play ground, for wedding receptions, theatrical performances, for celebrations or events of different unions- Association “Dighenis” (Διγενής), “Nea Genea”(Νέα Γενεά) and the Association of expatriates. Seats for a thousand viewers were built on the east side of the square, and it can be, therefore, used as training place for the abovementioned unions.

Traditional coffee-shop with arbour

New building of Co-op

Buildings for the Christian Associations of Agia Marina Xyliatou

Renovated house with traditional wooden doors at the centre of the community

Agia Marina has a wonderful community park to offer, which is considered not only a meeting point but also a recreation place for the inhabitants of all ages. The park comprises of the fountain of holy water, playground, kiosk and numerous benches. It is one of the main attractions of the villages due the green view it has to offer.

Right across the road, the magnificent culture centre comes into view. It consists of a library, kindergarten, community offices and a hall, which is capable of hosting theatrical performances and can guest up to six hundred viewers.

Green Park of the community

The new church dedicated Agia Marina

The Centre of the community

The building for the Community Council. The Cultural Centre of Agia Marina Xyliatou is located here as well.

There are three organised places, ideal for excursion just outside the village centre. The first one is where the dam of Agia Marina is situated. The second one is right next to “Kapoura” station and the third one, namely Gefyri tis Panagias, which is right across to the homonymous silvan station.

Concluding, Agia Marina is one of the villages in Nicosia (Lefkosia) that harmonically combine an excellent landscape; the traditional with the modern elements are marvellously brought together.

Extractive activities area.

 December 2020

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